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'BLING 10' is a multifaceted company with a passion and dedication to serve and professionally assist Brides-To-Be, Grooms, Wedding Parties, Coordinators, Business Owners and more. We take Pride in servicing with Love, Honor and Respect and being that extra set of hands that is always needed during a Big Event!

We offer Awesome Vendor referrals, BLING 10 Apparel and we are Super Excited about our new BLING BOX BLESSINGS subscription boxes for Brides-To-Be! Please be on the look out for our “Groom Boxes” and more coming soon! Every month we hand pick and select a box of Love just for YOU filled with Beautiful items! Our boxes feature must haves with Amazing products and services by business owners that believe in the same values as we do such as Love, Honor and Respect with the Word of Love from God as the foundation of your BLING BOX BLESSINGS gift box! The Best part about these Wonderful boxes of Love is, with every purchase of your BLING BOX BLESSINGS a portion of the proceeds will go to assist others in need of a little extra Love and Support!

BLING 10 was originally created in August 2010 by Tavia Jordan but wasn’t fully executed until October 2016. The Spiritual message she received was, "Delayed Is Not Denied!". So October 2016 BLING 10 was officially launched with the help of Loving, Supportive Family, Friends and her Beautiful Daughter and #1 Assistant, Ava Jordan.

With the wedding industry growing everyday it’s difficult to decide which company and/or vendor is best for you. Searching from site to site can be a bit overwhelming and our team at BLING 10 is constantly working on your behalf to find the best products and services available.

You receive your BLING BOX BLESSINGS, our selected vendors receive the exposure that allows growth for their businesses. It’s a WIN, WIN!! 

Not getting married, no problem! Give the Bride-To-Be the gift that keeps on giving! She will Love you for it!

BLING 10 – (B)rides (L)eaving (I)t (N) (G)ood-hands, (B)rothers (L)eaving (I)t (N) (G)ood-hands and (B)abes (L)eaving (I)t (N) (G)ods-hands!



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